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BMW Unveils iX3 Concept At Beijing

Conceptual Drawing of the BMW iX3 Concept by BMW i Design.  Copyright 2018 BMW Group

BMW Unveils iX3 Concept At Beijing
Words By:  Brandon O'Brien
Image Credits:  BMW Group unless otherwise Indicated

BMW unveiled it's latest all-electric concept at the Auto China show in Beijing this week.  Like many of the Concepts revealed by BMW in recent years this will go into production.  Based on the X3 it is anticipated to be produced as a 2020 vehicle.  BMW confirmed that it will first be produced in Shenyang, China by its BMWBrilliance joint venture.

The BMW iX3 Concept unveiled at Auto China, Beijing this week.  Image Credit: 2018 BMW Group

According to BMW the vehicle will feature the fifth-generation of BMW's eDrive electric powertrain technology.  "The fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology is distinguished by its extremely compact design.  The electric motor, transmission, and power electronics are now grouped into a single component, making it much easier to integrate them into different vehicle architectures.  Plus, their modular construction enables them to be adapted to the performance levels required and available space."

The Charging Port located on the left front fender of the BMW iX3 Concept.  Image Credit: 2018 BMW Group

"Another notable element", continued BMW, "is that the electric motor does not need any rare earths, which means the BMW Group is not dependent on their availability."

Aside from the wheels and new grill the BMW iX3 Concept has not been radically changed from a standard X3.  Image Credit: 2018 BMW Group

BMW says that it will have a maximum output of "over 200kW/270 hp" and will be powered by a "model specific high-voltage battery with a net capacity of over 70 kWh" giving it a range of more than 250 miles.

The BMW iX3 Concept that was unveiled at Auto China in Beijing this week.  Image Credit: 2018 BMW Group

BMW Group stated a few years ago that all of their current models would be made available in one of three powertrains:  Conventional, Hybrid, and All Electric.

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