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A Key To Evolutionary Design - Variations On A Theme

  BMW’s 2020 7 Series has a slew of new additions for the sixth-generation, including an enlarged kidney grille. Image Credit: BMW via Robb Report (2019)

A Key To Evolutionary Design - Variations On A Theme

Ever wonder what makes an artist a great automotive designer?

It comes down to the discipline one achieves through years of training, experiment, understanding materials, the balance of form & function, the creation of trash bin failures to grand acceptance and market success.

Just ask Art Center College of Design standout graduate, Frank Stephenson, who actually designed for, and penned the rebirth of the MINI Cooper and the first SUV platform produced by the famed German automobile manufacturer, the X5.

Frank Stephenson said in a 2017 interview published at The Drive "I'm flat-out not fond of modern-day cars," he told R&T. "They're going to where ugly cars are the new beautiful. Everybody loves the '50s and '60s in terms of what those cars were like. And we've kind of lost that romance of the design from that period, where the goal was to design a beautiful car, and people would love it at first sight. Nobody had to 'get used to' the design." ... 'nuff said.

Then there's this, from Andres Bastidas ...



So, it's "GET USED TO IT!"

... notes from The EDJE

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